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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gender Confusion

When we first found out Heather was pregnant, I downloaded like ten different apps for the iPhone that allowed us to follow along with the pregnancy.  I use them everyday and they are very informative… sometimes too informative…  One of the apps is called My Baby Lite (because I’m too cheap to buy the full version.)
Anyway, two weeks ago I found that this app has a Gender button.   I pressed it and up came the Gender Calendar based on the Chinese Gender Table.  I followed it across until I got to the month of conception and then down until I got to Heather’s age.  It said G, for girl (obviously).  I accepted this as being what it was and thought, Well, I have a gut feeling that it will be a girl.  So this goes along with that feeling
I assumed the title of Chinese Gender Table was an official one so I didn’t question its authority.  That is not to say I believed it 100%, just that I thought there was only one calendar the Chinese use to predict the gender of their little ones. 
However, the other day I went online at home to show Heather the results on our computer.  I typed in, “Chinese Gender Table” into a Google search.  Clicked on the first site that showed up, and low and behold, it said B, (for boy, obviously).   In turn, this made me very excited… Heather… not so much. 
We sat with that for a night or two, but I woke up this morning thinking, If there were two different predictions from two different websites, then there must be other websites that predict, as well.
So I did a little research.  I found 10 different websites that claimed to be over 90% accurate when it comes to predicting the gender of an unborn.  Well, someone has to be lying, because the results were pretty mixed. 
Of the 10 sites, six of them predicted we would be having a Boy.  Hooray!!! 
Four of the sites predicted that we would be having a Girl.  (from behind me, Heather yells…  Hooray!!!)

Moral of the story… we just have to wait.  There are no short cuts to determining the gender of our child.  We just have to wait until the doctor tells us. 

But I’m so impatient!

I have the results here listed with a link to their websites for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!

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