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Thursday, October 14, 2010

In Search of the Perfect Chicken Parmesan

One thing they never they never told us about being pregnant is that figuring out what to eat and how to eat together will be a tedious, if not a stressful, decision making process. 

The last couple of days we have had nothing in the house to make for dinner.  Going out to dinner is not something Heather is up for.  She works hard all day and when she gets home she wants to stay in and enjoy the comfort of the house.  Which leads us to ordering dinner in.  One of the great things about living in the city is that there are so many good restaurants that will deliver right to our door. 

“Hey, maybe we could order from Anthony’s!  Think they have Chicken Parm?”  Heather says with enthusiasm.

We go to the computer and type in www.anthonysbrooklyn.com.  Anthony’s has some of the best pizza that we’ve found in Brooklyn, so the thought was that the rest of their menu would follow suit.  So we perused the menu I hopes of finding some resemblance of Chicken Parmesan. 

“What’s Chicken Pizzaiola?”
“Let’s look it up!”  I say.
“No, that’s not what I’m looking for.”  Heather is still in shock that this Italian eatery does not have the Parmigiano!

“Hey what about La Villa.” I say, with the hope of having a dinner together still alive.
“No, I’m done with that place.”
“What do you mean done!  We always love it there.” 
“I don’t know, just not what I’m in the mood for.”

So we start combing through the Internet and take out the stack of delivery menus that we have saved in our kitchen until finally… Heather gives up. 

Great! It’s very rare lately that we have dinner together due to the fact that either our appetites don’t match up or we’re not on the same hunger schedule.  Tonight seemed so promising.  She brought the idea of food before I did!  She had a place in mind!  And now it’s gone.  She’s walked away.  Turning her head to say on her way up the stairs to take a shower, “Just get what ever you want.  I’ll have cereal or something.” 

This is our life right now.  With the baby growing fast inside her, Heather’s appetite is like a teenager who got the keys to the car for the first time.  Going around curves at high speeds.   Taking all of its concentration to hold the wheel tightly in order to avoid swerving into the opposite lane.  Going too slow on the highway and too fast on the back roads.  But I have to say; my wife is handling it well.  Like that driving instructor who calmly corrects without making the teenager even more nervous, Heather hits the passenger side break when needed and takes control of her appetite once again. 

I guess in the first trimester of pregnancy there are not many opportunities for nice romantic dinners.   Hopefully things change in the following trimesters, because one thing people have told us is that having a romantic dinner after the trimesters come to an end is few and far between. 

To add a happy ending to this story, as Heath was in the shower I found a place that had Chicken Parm.  “Hey Heath, what about Mulino?  You know the place we went to with my parents?”  No objection.  The meal was ordered and delivered and as we sat together at the dinner table eating our Chicken Parmesans with candlelight between us, we both agreed that this was a delicious meal.

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  1. The place we are going to tonight has chicken parmesan!!! That's what I plan on getting!!