Welcome to In the Mind of the Man blog. Here I will try to keep a sort of running diary of my thoughts and experiences about raising a child from a male's point of view. After hearing countless people tell me that her childhood will be over in a Blink of an Eye, I decided to take time to stop and reflect on the day to day mundane activities my daughter and I share. I hope you enjoy reading and sharing in my journey, but most of all I hope my daughter and I enjoy looking back at this blog 20+ years from now and laughing.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 3

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  1. Dad and daughter sleeping.Yes most peaceful time embrace it.She looks just like you both.Your an amazing dad excellent dad already.Being a parent is beyond words.You see every event in their, little lives, you'll want to capture.Even from now you can read to her.I did it with my daughter,Dahila will get use to your scent.Being as she's breast fed.Wjhen you come home,she'll know it you.It's something unique you'll experience you'll see.Enjoy your arrival of a father.Much blessings to you and family.