Welcome to In the Mind of the Man blog. Here I will try to keep a sort of running diary of my thoughts and experiences about raising a child from a male's point of view. After hearing countless people tell me that her childhood will be over in a Blink of an Eye, I decided to take time to stop and reflect on the day to day mundane activities my daughter and I share. I hope you enjoy reading and sharing in my journey, but most of all I hope my daughter and I enjoy looking back at this blog 20+ years from now and laughing.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Ways Planned to Announce the Birth

There are several ways we plan on making the birth announcment.

First is a phone call.  Obviously we can't call everybody, so for the majority of you, don't be expecting a phone call from us within... oh say... the first month.

The second way, and probably most effective way, is email.  If you are reading this right now, most likely you have been included on the EMAIL birth announcement list, (unless of course you just happened to stumble upon this blog and could not stop reading the scholarly writing.  You, my friend, have great taste in literature. However, you will not be included in the email notification.)  

The third and final way is Twitter.  If you have a Twitter account you can follow me @themindoftheman.

I will be using this blog and Twitter to send updates until the birth.  Check back frequently if you are interested to see how your prediction is matching up to Heather's progression.  I will only email when Dahlia is born. 

I plan on using this blog throughout the first several years of Dahlia's life to write about different issues that come up as a parent, especially as they pertain to being a first time dad.  I hope you will continue to read my blog. (as I reread that last sentence I noticed how optimistically presumptuous that makes me.  In order for one to "continue" something, one must be doing it on a regular basis to begin with.)  I hope you will continue OR begin to read my blog as the years go on and we watch Dahlia grow.

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